The Mallard Mountain Lodge

The most private & remote backcountry lodge in the Canadian Rockies

Our lodge is in an ultra-remote location that can only be accessed only by a 30-minute helicopter flight, with no road in or out. Our remoteness is twice the industry average, where flights average 8 to 15 minutes, and where there is often road access. When guests arrive at the Mallard Mountain Lodge they are quickly enthralled by the surreal experience of being so remote, with so few people.

Voted one of the Best Backcountry Lodges in British Columbia by Outside Magazine. Catering and guiding packages are available.

A photo of the Mallard Mountain Lodge surrounded by the Canadian Rocky Mountains.
A man hiking and facing the Canadian Rocky Mountains.
A photo of the Mallard Mountain Lodge surrounded by the snowy Canadian Rocky Mountains at night.

“Thank you for a memorable 5 days of gorgeous skiing, delicious meals, and luxurious accommodations. This is a very special place, and we are excited to tell our readers about it. Your passion for this place comes through in everything that you do! Thank you!”

-KRISTIN H, Backpacker Magazine

The main floor of the lodge features a living and dining room, with wood fired stove, and kitchen. The second floor has sleeping bays along the outside walls, divided by interior walls. The beds (one upper & lower in each bay) are custom made oversize twins for lots of space, each fronted by individual black out privacy curtains, and each with an individually controlled solar light. Bed linen is supplied for you, including duvets filled with llamas & alpaca wool. All of this creates a warm, comfortable and private experience. The second floor also has a separate room for changing, with a counter and sink for wash up etc. & a mountain shower (full sized stall and curtain, hot water container and overhead nozzle) draining into our greywater system.

The Lodge uses solar power for most electricity needs. You can charge your cameras and computers. Wi-fi internet connection is available. The Lodge has a satellite phone (cost per minute applies).

Comfortable toilet facilities are located in a separate heated and well-lit log building a short distance from the Lodge on a well-lit path. The toilet is just like at home, except that after being used the toilet incinerates waste instead of flushing it.

Most guests are amazed by the array of comfort and amenities that the Lodge provides. We regularly hear: “this is amazing ~ how did you do all of this in such a remote location?”

  • Living Room & Dining Room
  • Wood Fired Stove
  • Kitchen
  • Charging stations
  • Wi-Fi available
  • Satellite phone (fees associated)
  • Toilet facilities (located in heated log building adjacent to the lodge)
  • Shower

​Sustainability and environmental stewardship are cornerstones of CAC’s business and the packages we offer. Here are some highlights.

The log Lodge, and all other buildings, were pre-built off site, and reassembled on site. This minimized the disruption associated with onsite crews and machinery.

  • The Lodge was built to accommodate only 8 guests at a time. This is a very small physical footprint.
  • A grey water purification system is used.
  • CAC uses propane incinerating toilets which create no black water discharge, and instead convert all waste to harmless ash.
  • A large solar system with 9 solar panels provides electric power, and is designed to minimize generator usage year round.
  • CAC did not construct a road to the Lodge site.

The Area

The Mallard Mountain Lodge is located in one of the most pristine & remote areas of British Columbia, on the west slope of the Rocky Mountains. The winter brings huge snowfalls of perfect dry powder, while in the summer the high alpine offers hiking above the tree line with incredible Rocky Mountain scenery as the backdrop. The area has been dubbed “Punch Bowl” in reference to the historic “Committee Punch Bowl” at the nearby summit of Athabasca Pass. Punch Bowl brings together a vast area of five river valleys, all connecting to the Hugh Allan River, which flows into the mighty Columbia River. This area was explored by famed adventurer David Thompson of the Hudson’s Bay Company during the fur trade era.

Tour the Lodge:

“Small, simple and sensitively conceived and built lodge.”

Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime.

We believe it’s a privilege to take people into the backcountry – and it happens to also be our passion. We’ve got the experience, knowledge & process down so that you can enjoy your vacation. We can’t wait to share our beautiful backyard with you!